The Value of Graphic Design

Books about the value of graphic design.

One of the most important ways to represent your business is through graphic design. A few pixels off to one side or the other, the wrong color, or a bad order of content can make you feel uncomfortable but you can’t even tell why. This is why The Value of Graphic Design is so important

Graphics are your business’s first impression. Graphics are seen first and remember the most. They represent the look and feel of your business. Graphics can be the difference in customers feeling comfortable with you or purchasing from a competitor.

First Impressions

If you have a business, and you want to make your customers feel comfortable and welcomed with you, your products or the space you do business. Online or in person, you can do this through graphic design.

Like in every aspect of your life, first impressions are key! Always start with your strongest foot forward. Good design will let your customers know from the first time they interact with your business that you are the real deal. The passion you feel about what you do should be felt by your patrons

People don’t realize how much graphic designs is needed. Your future customers will be interacting business cards, flyers, and emails to logos, websites and social media.

Graphics are the face of your company and the better first impression you have with your customers, the more likely they will feel to do business with you. One of the first ways they interact with your graphics are through social media.

The science and research done in the field of graphic design is immense! Some people spend their whole lives learning about everything they can about this topic. Spend much time as you can afford when creating the image that will represent your company. You can give yourself a massive head start in building relationships with the community that means the most to you.

Importance of a Great Logo

You could have all the right fonts and sizes with the most beautifully worded content. Still the first thing people form an opinion about is your logo. Logos are also extremely important in creating the right message and feel to your customers. It takes seconds for people to make a first impression of a brand logo. Start with your best foot forward and invest in a logo that is as amazing as you!

A Quality Website

Another very important aspect about first impressions is your website! About 50% of small businesses have websites and if you’ve spent time on the internet then you know not all of those sites are passable. A massive 70% to 80% of people will research a business online before committing to some kind of purchase. Small changes to your website’s graphics will help drive traffic and sales. You will see this increase with a good layout!

Content Layout

Content layout is another massively important aspect of designing a website is the layout of your content. This is an easy way to see the value of graphic design. It’s difficult for the average person to know how to design or lay out an effective website. There are so many things that get overlooked. When implemented correctly can make a night and day difference for a website.

Some examples of this are that only 20% of people will read text on a web page, but 80% will watch a video. If this isn’t something that you think about when planning out your website then you can miss out on getting your message out to a ton of potential customers!

The Value of Mobile Friendly Design

Content is one thing but, in this modern era of smartphones in everyone’s pockets something that you can not overlook is the way your website works and looks on a mobile phone. Every web designer or developer knows how important mobile design is for a website. Make sure to remember this while creating your own site. Interacting with businesses on mobile phones is something the average person does twice as much as they do on any other platform! If the design your website or even the graphics on your website don’t scale down to the smaller screens then you could be in big trouble as a business owner.

You may be someone who notices things like this about either your own website or the websites you come across. These things may be something that you even criticize about competitors or businesses you come across. There are, however, many more aspects about graphic design that are far easier to overlook and more difficult to realize. 

The Value of Colors in Graphic Design

The value of graphic design is also extremely important to consider when picking colors! One of the biggest things to overlook from my experience is the colors that your business chooses to use. Different colors evoke different emotions in people that could be a subconscious persuasion either towards doing business with you or avoid you like the plague!

Colors Associated with Emotions

People associate the color blue with success. In a study, it was found that 57% of people made this connection! Success is great but blue is associated with more still. 43% connect it with reliability, 34% with trust and 28% associated it with security. When you hear numbers like those it’s hard not to want to drape your business with the color blue in every corner!

If your business wants to accentuate speed then maybe a color like red is more your style! 76% of people tend to associate the color red on a business with speed. Maybe your business needs its customers to feel a sense of fun. If this is something that you need then you should look to the colors orange and yellow. 28% associate these colors with a feeling of fun but 26% were found to associate it with cheap as well so this is definitely something you want to keep in mind! Maybe cheap is the last thing you want people to think about you. Definitely look to the classy color black! 43% of people associate this classy color with high quality and 26% with high tech.

 Colors and their effect on people’s emotions isn’t something that everyone will know but it is definitely something that you need to take into consideration when coming up with the color scheme of your business! You could easily convey the perfect message before anyone even reads about you!

How The Value of Graphic Design Helps Comprehension

Color improves readership by 40%, learning by somewhere between 55% and 78%, and comprehension by a staggering 73%! That’s not all! It was found that a signature color will increase brand recognition by up to 80%. A signature color could be a major factor when getting those all important returning customers. With this whirlwind of information about color you can probably see how 93% of people said visuals affect purchase decisions.

Text Content and Fonts

With over 90,000 typefaces available today, it can feel a bit overwhelming but don’t let this make you overlook the font you use! Sometimes sticking to the standards will make your customers feel a sense of familiarity with you. Knowing this you might want to keep in mind that 51% of fonts used for headings are Sans-Serifs. This way you can choose something from the massive variety of different fonts in this category to stand out while still sticking to a standard that is proven to work.

Definitely research fonts before making your final decision for your website. Fonts like Baskerville have a 1.5x increase in agreement! Helvetica is the most used typeface used in graphic design so this is something you need to keep in mind as well.

Font Sizes and Spacing

Make sure to choose a great font, but font isn’t the only important aspect of text. This number 1 complaint of readers found was when font sizes are too small and contrast with the font and background was too low. Line spacing is also very important. Studies show that a 1.5 line height increases reading speeds. 

The Wonderfully Vast World of Graphic Design

Let the world know the standard of quality you hold for your business, the detail you put into the little things, and the passion you have for what you are selling. When starting out it could be the perfect investment to put up a bit of money to portray the image you have envisioned if this all seemed a bit overwhelming. When you understand the value of graphic design, it could pay for itself in no time!

Professional Designers began their career knowing the value of graphic design. With times always changing and styles and trends constantly innovating, don’t overlook the value of a continuous design service either! There’s a new kid on the block that’s taking the subscription based design world by storm. Staying on the cutting edge of design without having to take the time to research and implement will be what puts your business at the head of the pack.